Calder Webinars

1st Webinar: Are you a business owner?

22nd October 2018 12:30pm -1pm GMT

About this webinar: Join Tom Buck from The Calder Group as he talks to business owners just like you about the important things most business owners fail to consider Due to the Success of The Calder Groups FREE Seminars this year and due to the increased requests from our clients we have decided to launch 4 seminars leading up to Christmas. Tom will be touching on some of the most valuable hints and tips to any business owner that sometimes get overlooked simply because they are unaware. If you're a business owner regardless of size you cannot afford to miss this informative webinar!

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2nd Webinar: Should you pay care home fees?

29th October 2018 12:30pm – 1pm GMT

About this webinar: Should You Pay Care home Fees ? This webinar Tom Buck from The Calder Group will be discussing the myths behind something we all need to consider, If not for ourselves but for our seniors and future generations. This short webinar you will find out exactly what the rules and regulations are and how you can best position yourself to make the most out of your hard earned savings and property

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3rd Webinar: Wills & Trusts Made Simple

5th November 2018 12:30pm – 1pm GMT

About this webinar: In this short webinar Tom Bluck will be highlighting a selection of common questions often asked with regards to 'Wills' & 'Trusts'. Often overlooked by most of us and really should be considered to protect yourself and your families future, This is a must see webinar where you will be given a wealth of free information to stand you in good stead for the future.

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4th Webinar: Are You A Property Landlord?

Monday 12th November 12:30pm - 1pm GMT

About this webinar: In this long awaited short webinar we will be highlighting several areas that many if not all property landlords often don't consider. Tom Buck our Managing Director will shed some light on areas from the right trading entity (Sole trader, Partnership, LLP or Limited Company), through to when is the right time to exit their investments and how can they do this in the most tax efficient manner.

This 'Webinar' will be relaxed and informative and will cover what can sometimes seem complex when really it doesn't have to be.

We look forward to seeing you on the day where you can ask Tom any questions you may have.

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